How to Make a Bee Feeder

How to Make a Bee Feeder

A bee feeder is a simple yet effective way to keep your honey bees happy and healthy. There are a variety of different types to choose from depending on your preferences and the needs of your bees.

The most common type is the jar feeder that uses glass containers and lids to hold sugar water for bees. You can find these in almost any store.

They are very easy to make and are a great way to encourage bees to feed in an unfamiliar place. However, you need to make sure that you are feeding the right type of bees with the right amount of sugar water.

Another option is to use a jar or bucket that is filled with sugar syrup and then inverted over a wide lid. This way, bees can easily access the sugar water without getting wet.

Some beekeepers opt for this method if they are having problems with hive robbing or are simply trying to get their new hives used to their location. It is also a great way to give your bees an extra boost when it is time for them to start overwintering.

There are a few other types of bee feeders that you may want to consider, such as a top feeder or a frame feeder. Each of these feeders has their own set of benefits and disadvantages.

A jar feeder is extremely easy to make and can be used for small colonies or swarms that need an extra push. You can also make this feeder to give your honey bees a little extra sugar water in the winter.

You will need a mason jar or bucket that is about a quart in size and a lid that fits securely to it. You can use plastic, but glass is a little better for this purpose.

Once you have your jar or bucket, fill it with a mixture of one part sugar and two parts water. You should have enough sugar water to feed your bees for about three days.

To prevent bees from drowning in the water, use flotation material. You can buy this in bulk packs or by the pound at your local bee supply store.

Then, simply place the jar or bucket in your beehive so that it is not directly over the queen cage. You can also place several small holes in the lid of the jar for bees to drink from.

You can then add a small piece of hardware cloth on the underside of the feeder to keep the water from leaking down and onto the bees. This will help to stop bees from drowning and to discourage them from robbing.

A jar or bucket feeder can be placed in the entrance of your hive and then filled with sugar water. You should use a mix of a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water or even two parts of sugar to one part water depending on the weather and your bees’ needs.

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