How to Make Attic Rooms Look Bigger

How to Make Attic Rooms Look Bigger

Converting an attic room is a great way to expand your living space without the expense of adding an entire addition. However, it’s important to consider several key factors when planning your attic conversion.

Insulation: This is a critical factor that will affect how comfortable your attic room will be throughout the year. A good quality attic insulation will make a huge difference in how the finished space feels, and can even help lower energy costs.

Skylights: Adding a skylight is an effective way to add natural light to an attic bedroom. These sleek fixtures can add tons of character to any attic and are also fairly inexpensive to install.

Curtains: Using curtains in an attic bedroom with angled windows is a stylish way to add style. These patterned fabrics can brighten up an otherwise dark and drab space.

Paint: Painting a ceiling and walls in a neutral color can help your attic room look bigger. Wall colors like white, ivory, cream and tan are great choices because they reflect light and create a brighter atmosphere.

Storage: Creating a functional storage area in your attic is essential when planning an attic bedroom. Use low shelving units, cubbies and desks to maximise storage potential in your attic.

Slanted Ceilings: A slanted ceiling in an attic can be a challenge when it comes to designing the room, but it can also provide some unique design opportunities. Play up this feature with interesting lighting, such as a suspended pendant or modern chandelier.

Headboards: A headboard is a great decorative option for an attic room with limited wall space. You can even make it a focal point by adding a statement headboard in a bold color or pattern.

Ceiling Maps: Adding a ceiling map is another creative way to add interest to your attic bedroom design. Whether it’s a simple pattern or a sophisticated map, this feature can be used to highlight a favorite quote or a special family heirloom.

Cozy Cabin: If your attic bedroom has exposed timber rafters or beams, create a cabin-like feel with earthy textures and neutral tones. This cozy vibe will feel inviting and relaxing.

Bed: A bed is a crucial element in any attic bedroom, but it can be difficult to fit one into small spaces. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for converting an attic into a guest bedroom.

Window Seat: Often overlooked in attic bedrooms, a window seat provides a convenient place to rest during the day and enjoy the view from the bed. It’s especially useful for children, allowing them to sit up in bed and listen to stories before falling asleep.

Flooring: Using a light floor finish is another smart choice for an attic room. A white floor will help to reflect the natural light that comes into the space, and a painted floor can be less expensive than plain wood.

Choosing an Attic Floor: The attic floor needs to be strong enough to support the weight of a bed, desk and other furniture. This will help keep your finished attic room safe and sturdy for years to come.

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